We are making plans to safely relaunch DECATS this summer, recognizing that our ability to do so depends on how the pandemic evolves this spring. We continue to monitor the situation and collaborate with our host campuses so that we can make the right and safe decisions for the program and all involved.

We will contact all registrants from 2020 when we are ready to move forward with enrollment for 2021. Continue to monitor our social media and website – we will post every time we send an important message so that you can rest assured you have not missed out on anything.

  • We plan to conduct the program in-person from June 14 – July 1, 2021, at our usual host campuses, CCS, SAT and SJ. These dates and format are final and will not change. There will not be an alternate schedule (like July) or format (like virtual).
  • We plan to invite those Scholars who were registered for the 2020 program to join us for 2021 at the same campus of their 2020 registration, beginning with the most senior Scholars and working down to those who would have been first-time attendees. As a one-time exception, those registrants who are now in seventh grade will be permitted to attend. First-time attendees do not need to be re-nominated or re-qualified as eligible.
  • We plan not to accept any new nominations, especially since schools were not able to conduct standardized testing last academic year that would be utilized to qualify students eligible per the requirements of DeBusk Foundation. This means all available spaces for 2021 will only be for those who were registered to attend in 2020.
  • We plan for our enrollment processes to take place later in the spring so that we can make more informed decisions relative to those processes. Some initial dates and framework are available on our website.
  • We plan to operate at half of our usual enrollment and will maintain a waitlist. This reduction sadly means we will also have reduced staffing.
  • We plan to reassess that capacity as the program nears, increasing enrollment and staffing if it is clear we can do so safely.