From the Director’s Chair

Greetings DECATS Families!

It has been another amazing week at DECATS. As the second week of our program comes to a close and we continue to embrace “The Strength Within,” we are thrilled to share some highlights with you.

Our “Executive Functioning” Scholars have explored and practiced ways to strengthen working memory, initiative, materials management, and social coordination. During “Wellness,” Scholars discussed stressors, healthy body image and nutrition. Our “Values & Morals” Scholars were hard at work with their give back project and have chosen to use the funds to honor Father Ryan Stawaisz who recently passed away from cancer.

The Scholars in “CSI: DECATS” were hard at work fine tuning their investigative skills this week. “Mind Over Matter” Scholars used logic and teamwork to open the locked box and uncover the treasure inside. In “Once Upon a Crime,” Scholars learned courtroom procedures to prepare for their upcoming trials. “On That Note” Scholars have begun recording their voices for their virtual choir performance. Scholars have created their own animals and habitats in “Animania,” and “LEGO Robotics” Scholars programmed their robots to complete an obstacle course.

Several members of the board of directors of DeBusk Foundation visited our campus on Thursday. It was a great opportunity for the board to see the mission of DECATS come to life. We are so grateful to DeBusk Foundation for their generosity and commitment to providing leading funding for DECATS each summer. During their visit they were able to see challenging and enriching course work, critical and creative thinking and acts of servant leadership. They were also able to meet several of our Mentors and Graduate Assistants who have been a part of the program since third grade. The board members were impressed and delighted to see, firsthand, the impact of DECATS.

It’s hard to believe that the final week of our program is upon us. We are looking forward to another great week finding “The Strength Within!”

Sincerely in Christ,

Kendall Shamas
Program Director, St. Anne

Kendall Shamas
Kendall ShamasProgram Director, St. Anne