From the Director’s Chair

Greetings DECATS Families!

The second week of the program has drawn to a close, our momentum and strength continue to grow, and they show no signs of slowing. The Scholars continually wow me with their discoveries, breakthroughs, and use of creative and critical thinking as they continue to exhibit the strength within themselves. Budding photographers have chronicled their vision via the lens of a camera (“Through A Different Lens”), a creative group of theater techies are making a professional-quality set for our Broadway production (“Behind the Scenes”), and many LEGO robots are being expertly programmed to follow increasingly complex commands (“LEGO Robotics”). The final week of our adventure promises even more fun and discovery.

Our campus was graced with the presence of board members from DeBusk Foundation—the group responsible for providing leading funding for our program. They joined us for an exciting morning assembly, visited a few first period courses, and were blown away by what they found. Our Graduate Assistants greeted them in the morning with posters and enthusiasm, while our whole auditorium of Scholars let them know our gratitude through raucous cheers and applause. The board members sang and danced with us before touring around different courses and hearing from numerous Scholars about what they have been learning. We are grateful for their visit and are glad they so thoroughly enjoyed their time with us.

Speaking of our Graduate Assistants, they gave Scholars an epic challenge this week. On Monday and Tuesday, if 100 or more Scholars wore crazy socks, the GAs would have to sing a song unassisted at the afternoon assembly. You better believe those crazy socks came out in droves, and our GAs rocked a lovely rendition of socially-distanced “Brother Friend” to the delight of all Scholars and mentors. The GAs have promised to do it again if the girls tie the boys in our Golden Plunger challenge; we will see if the girls can pull it off!

I have gotten so many wonderful messages from families who are experiencing the impact that DECATS is having in their lives. We are blessed to have such a wonderful Mentors with whom I have the pleasure to work. They are a tremendous collection of world-class educators. Let us know what your Scholars are saying about their DECATS experience. If we may use your comments online and in other projects, let us know that as well.


Chris Siemann
Program Director, Strake Jesuit

Chris Siemann
Chris SiemannProgram Director, Strake Jesuit