From the Director’s Chair

Greetings, DECATS Families!

It is with gratitude and joy that I share with you that the second week of DECATS has been amazing! Our Scholars are working at learning and using their gifts and talents With Great Power! I am so proud of them and thrilled to share a few highlights from this week with you.

As the second week comes to a close, our “Manner” Scholars refined their social skills of introduction and small talk. They look forward to putting all of these skills into practice on Tuesday during our Manners to Morals Day. Our “Executive Functioning” Scholars explored and practiced ways to strengthen working memory, initiative, materials management and social coordination. During “Wellness,” Scholars discussed stressors, healthy body image and nutrition. Our “Values and Morals” Scholars were hard at work with their give back project collecting stuffed animals and school supplies to benefit Texas Children’s Hospital while providing service to the community! Scholars designed their own Hogwarts floorplans in “Hello, Hogwarts!” You can also hear the captivating sounds of rhythmic percussion skills throughout the halls in “Cool Beats,” and others observed seed growth and development of plant journals in “Get Growing.”

I have gotten so many wonderful messages from families who are experiencing the impact that DECATS is having in their lives. We are blessed to have such a wonderful group of Mentors with whom I have the pleasure to work. Let us know what your Scholars are saying about their DECATS experience. If we may use your comments online and in other projects, let us know that as well.


Tonya Dixon
Program Director, Corpus Christi

Tonya Dixon
Tonya DixonProgram Director, Corpus Christi