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Scholars who graduate from DECATS Houston join an alumni network of more than 5,000 lifetime attendees since the inception of the program in 1994. Whether school, career and life takes you near or far, you’ll never forget those three weeks that made a deep impact on your life.

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Where Are You Now?

Nothing brightens our day quite like hearing about your successes, achievements, accolades and milestones. Whether you completed a tough project for school, earned honors at graduation or made a breakthrough in your career, share your story with us and your fellow alum.

Become a Grad Assistant

Young alumni, volunteering your time and talents is a unique way to make a service contribution to the program. If you’re interested in this opportunity, you may apply to become a Graduate Assistant for a summer.

Give Back

As a non-profit academic institution, we depend on grants, tuition and donor generosity to maintain and sustain the operation of the program year after year. Take a moment to learn about these easy ways you can make a direct impact and help Keep DECATS Going.

Alumni Groups

Stay in touch with us and your fellow alum by joining our groups just for alumni. Use these links to add yourself and (re)connect with generations of DECATS Houston Scholars.

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