Three weeks. Five courses. Countless opportunities.

At DECATS, we believe education and entertainment go hand-in-hand. Our qualitatively differentiated program focuses on leadership and responsibility education for gifted children, providing challenging and enriching coursework, nurturing the whole learner and fostering the leaders of tomorrow. Originally conceived and architected on Dr. Joseph Renzulli’s conceptions and models of giftedness, DECATS is a safe learning environment for students who demonstrate high intellectual ability, a strong commitment to learning and exceptional creativity.

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All Scholars participate in


Manners to Morals during first period, an intense exploration of the joys and responsibilities of being a gifted leader. There is a different curriculum for each year that Scholars participate, determined by grade level.


Manners – Third Grade Scholars

Goals and Objectives

  • In partnership with parents, provide scholars the opportunity to learn, practice and master basic manners and etiquette.
  • Build community within the Scholar’s M2M crew and with all Scholars attending.
  • Practice collaboration and supporting others within the crew.
  • Enhance Scholar ability to contribute to a team.
  • Practice serving in an apprentice role with a Mentor coach.
  • Learn to generalize etiquette skills in different contexts.
  • Enhance social and relationship development through meaningful, connected conversation.
  • Enhance Scholar confidence and positive self-image.
  • Develop respect for others.

Course Content

Lessons on basic manners and etiquette are presented and modeled to the entire DECATS community, and then practiced in “crews” grouped by grade level, led by a Mentor coach. Scholars begin as novices, and as they improve, reach apprentice level, and ultimately, mastery level of etiquette skills. Scholars do not advance as individuals, but as a crew, providing opportunities to practice supporting and encouraging others in a team.

Through a variety of creative, inventive and participatory activities, Scholars gain new skills in areas like shaking hands, greetings, introductions, conversations (small talk), hygiene, telephone etiquette, thank you notes, active listening, and table manners. Criteria for mastery include approach, proximity, facial expression, confidence, eye contact, posture, firm grip for handshake, articulation, volume, vocabulary and topic choices in conversations, active listening, and asking appropriate questions.

Executive Functioning – Fourth Grade Scholars

Goals and Objectives

Scholars will grow in their abilities to:

  • Stop, think, and plan before acting.
  • Set personal goals and develop realistic plans to achieve them.
  • Self-evaluate and accept and use constructive feedback.
  • Actively and independently problem solve, analyze problems, and develop strategies.
  • Cooperate as a team member and recognize and regulate emotional reactions.
  • Become more aware of others’ needs and feelings.
  • Understand responsibility to self, family, community and God.
  • Develop strategies for improving their attention.

Course Content

Author Alex Michaels explains Executive Functioning this way: “Executive Functioning is the brain’s ability to absorb information, interpret this information, and make decisions based upon this information. For example, most people have a routine when they get up in the morning. Some mornings you might look out the window and see something is dripping from the sky. This dripping is interpreted as “rain” which implies a set of rules; e.g., needing to wear different clothes, the soccer game will be canceled which means you need to make other arrangements for an after school activity, rolling down the windows while you drive is not wise, you don’t need to water the grass today.”

Our entire life is mediated by our executive system as each step of the day brings about various sets of “rules” that we need to live by. The most complex of these is social interaction (if you meet someone and they are crying, your response should be very different than if they were smiling). The executive functioning system is analogous to an “executive” whose job it is to organize and assure things are running smoothly.

Executive Functions include:

  • Inhibition – The ability to stop one’s own behavior at the appropriate time, including stopping actions and thoughts. The flip side of inhibition is impulsivity; if you have weak ability to stop yourself from acting on your impulses, then you are behaving “impulsively.”
  • Shifting – The ability to move freely from one situation to another and to think flexibly in order to respond appropriately to the situation.
  • Emotional Regulation – The ability to modulate emotional responses by bringing rational thought to bear on feelings.
  • Initiative – The ability to begin a task or activity and to independently generate ideas, responses, or problem-solving strategies.
  • Working memory – The capacity to hold information in mind for the purpose of completing a task.
  • Planning/Organization – The ability to manage current and future-oriented task demands.
  • Materials Management – The ability to impose order on work, play, and storage tools and spaces.
  • Social Coordination – The ability to work successfully with others in teams and other social situations.
  • Attention – The ability to focus on one aspect of the environment without getting distracted by others.

At DECATS, we recognize the importance of developing executive functioning skills. These functions are better predictors of future academic success than IQ. They allow us to tie our past to our future by setting goals, delaying gratification, anticipating future problems, learning from past experiences, and evaluating our actions.

Wellness – Fifth Grade Scholars

Goals and Objectives

  • Introduction of wellness as a way of life and a holistic philosophy of positive living that benefits all aspects of our lives.
  • Identification of ways to be less sedate and more active.
  • Participation in the 10,000 steps a day program and use of pedometers.
  • Review of “My Plate” and how it is used as a guide for choosing a healthy diet.
  • Invocation of an awareness of how portion sizes affect caloric intake and the effect that “supersizing” has had on our health.
  • Instruction on how to read food labels.
  • Exploration of the power of fads and how choices can affect health.
  • Provision of a safe environment for Scholars to share their perspectives on body image and gender.
  • Equipping of Scholars with tools to manage stress through mind / body techniques and guided imagery experiences.

Course Content

Wellness explores and encourages a life-long commitment to good nutrition, stress reduction and exercise, all as integral parts of becoming a better leader and a better person.

Values & Morals – Sixth Grade Scholars

Goals and Objectives

  • To realize and reflect on what makes a true hero, exploring the values and morals of our Judeo-Christian heritage.
  • To continue practicing decision-making skills and evaluate possible consequences for those decisions.
  • To build servant leadership skills through community involvement.

Course Content

Values & Morals is the final level of the Manners to Morals formation curriculum, where Scholars are challenged to expand their thinking to the community around them. Scholars work through this course using the framework of the Hero’s Journey and moral decision making. Through the analysis of other’s lives, as well as their own, they’ll have a greater understanding of the impact of their decisions. In this culminating M2M course, Scholars have an opportunity to provide acts of service both to the host campus and the Houston community.


Perspectives takes place during second period and provides a forum for reflection, support and direction for gifted Scholars. Topics include the privileges and responsibilities of being gifted, with special emphasis on leadership, followership, peer relationships and faith development. We also explore stereotypes of the gifted, dispelling myths and celebrating uniqueness. The primary goal of this four-year curriculum is to instill in Scholars a sense of service to others in a spirit of gratitude, learning that “better at” does not mean “better than.” Scholars are encouraged to think critically and be reflective regarding their own experiences.

Explore themes discussed in Perspectives

The objective analysis and evaluation of an issue to form a judgment.

The ability to examine issues from a fresh perspective, resulting in unique or innovative results.

The knowledge of one’s own character, strengths, weaknesses, feelings and motivations.

The perceptions held by others regarding giftedness.

The desire to serve and help others, thus resulting in growth and strength in those being served.

The capacity and willingness to follow the leadership of others.

The attributes of giftedness, including above average ability, task commitment, and creativity.

The ability to work successfully with others in teams and other social situations.

The theory that student intelligence should not be limited to IQ, but rather eight different possible areas of intelligence (logical-mathematical, spatial, linguistic, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalist).

A willingness to accept responsibility for one’s choices, actions and development.

Each summer, Scholars preview a wealth of elective course offerings and request their top two choices of those offered in third, fourth and fifth periods. DECATS works with those requests to place Scholars in at least one first-choice course across all three periods. Though it is not always possible for a Scholar to receive first-choice in all of the elective periods, the great news is that all of the courses are fun, interesting and challenging — and they change every year based on participant feedback. The library below will give you a good sense of the types of courses you can expect to be offered. It represents courses offered at all three of our campuses. The actual final list of offerings will vary between locations.

We gather course requests as part of an easy, online process, where you have plenty of advance time to review our offerings for the summer and map out those you wish to request. Final schedules are provided at the very start of the program, not in advance.

For more more about the course request process, check out our FAQ section.

DECATS 2020 Courses*

The 2021 Course Catalog is first available to those who have signed up to participate in the program. This catalog provides a complete description list of each course, as well as a master schedule showing in which period each course is planned to be offered. The catalog will be made available in your myStatus portal as listed on the calendar that’s also available in your portal.

*These were the courses planned to be offered prior to the decision not to hold DECATS 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Game of Kings

Want to join the Knights of the Square Table or maybe the Bishop Brigade? Do you want to Rook & Roll? Don’t be intimidated by the challenge of chess! Whether you’re a novice or an accomplished chess player, come sharpen your critical thinking skills, learn to outwit your opponents and experience the thrill of victory. Come on in and take a seat. “A Game of Kings” is beginning—and it’s your move!


A Thousand Flowers

Experience the traditional Italian polymer clay art of millefiori, which translates to “a thousand flowers.” The beauty of this technique is revealed through long, colorful coils wrapped strategically with polymer clay to construct elaborate designs. Create beads, jewelry and sculptures of butterflies, caterpillars and other beautiful insects using magnificent millefiori!


ABC Design

Step into the role of a couture fashion designer, as you sketch and build apparel out of (A)nything (B)ut (C)lothes. Using paper, tape, and other everyday items, watch your inspiration take form and your creation take the stage in a modern fashion show of your wearable art.


Angry Birds: Next Level

Ready . . . Aim . . . FIRE! We don’t need devices to play with THESE Angry Birds. In this course, we will build different kinds of catapults, assemble different kinds of “birds” for ammunition and construct various levels to knock down. Don’t let an evil piggy steal your spot. Slingshot your way into fun in Angry Birds: Next Level!



You are a scientist deep in the Amazon hoping to learn more about an animal you’ve been researching when suddenly you discover a new species! Believe it or not, this continues to happen every year, as the world is full of areas left to explore and animals left to discover. In Animania, you’ll journey into the unknown to examine some of the wildest creatures ever seen. Take the most interesting aspects of each and build a model of your own unique species. What does it eat? Where will it live? And, most importantly, what else might be out there? 


Back to the Future

Take time-trusted tales and propel them into 2020! Take the themes and plot lines that make familiar tales eternally popular and see what happens when modern day elements are added into the mix in a play that you create, write and produce. Is the setting your school? Is the heroine the homecoming queen? See what happens when two worlds collide on stage!


Behind the Scenes

Are you curious about the design and technical aspects of a show? Behind the scenes of a production, the stage crew is hard at work designing, crafting, and creating the scenery, props and costuming needed for a production. Experience the thrill of theater from backstage, as you put together the pieces that will help our “Give My Regards to Broadway” show take shape. We can’t do it without you!


Bits and Pieces

Bit by bit, piece by piece, one tiny square at a time—put it all together and create one-of-a-kind mosaics! Using jewels, tiles, and stones, we’ll experiment with placement and design to create beautiful works of art. Our work will stand the test of time as we preserve our artwork through the process of grouting and sealing.


Blood & Guts

Our planet is a marvelous place where creatures of all shapes and sizes coexist. Don your protective equipment and join us as we get a closer look at Earth’s creatures, both inside and out. Our journey will involve hands-on exploration and dissection of aquatic and terrestrial specimens as we examine their internal and external anatomy and learn more about the human body in the process. Allergy Warning! This course includes dissection and is best for Scholars with strong stomachs. This course involves potential exposure to uncooked seafood, latex and specimen preservatives.


Breaking News

Find out what it takes to write for and create a newspaper as you develop the confidence to seek out interviews from your peers and mentors. Put your research, interviewing, photography and writing skills to work for the entire community to enjoy as we create a weekly campus newspaper and blog.


Brick by Brick

Design, build, test, and improve one brick at a time! Use LEGOs and consumables, such as cardboard, to complete design challenges in which you’ll create wind-powered vehicles, toys that can spin on their axis, intricate pyramids, and more. Can your results be replicated by another group? What’s the next step to build upon your design? The greatest creations start with a single brick!


Bring it On

“Move your body to the beat! Move your body to the beat! Figure-eight, figure-eight, repeat!” Experience the power of dance. From the novice to the advanced dance enthusiast, get moving with the latest dance grooves, create original choreography, line dance and battle in crews. Take it to the next level using the sounds of pop, hip hop and country music. Get ready to dance, dance, dance!


Cool Beats

Combine percussion skills with summer fun in the only course that lets you create a captivating show with only drums and pool noodles! Recreate your favorite music and produce new rhythms to put on a one-of-a-kind act. Come drum up some fun in Cool Beats!



Get ready to delve into the world of forensics. A crime has been committed, and we’ve been called upon to collect the evidence. Analyze fingerprints, hair samples, fibers and imprints to piece the picture together. Grab your magnifying glass and critical thinking cap and let’s solve the mystery!



Lend your voice to the DECATS Choir and help us find that perfect pitch! All voices and levels of experience are welcome, as we recreate top hits and perfect ensemble versions of songs we know and love. Take center stage and prepare for the vocal performance of a lifetime!



Join DECATS Digest by becoming a reporter or photographer for our newspaper. We will publish an entire edition during our three weeks together. Find out what it takes to write for and create a newspaper as you develop the confidence to seek out interviews with your peers and Mentors. Put your research, interviewing, photography and writing skills to work for the entire community to enjoy. Don’t miss this opportunity to spread the news!



Why buy what you can make yourself? Get ready to construct and create! Get a little messy and have a whole lot of fun as we make our own bouncy balls, silly putty, soap, sidewalk chalk and more. If you are ready to take projects into your own hands, this is the course for you!


Denim Designs

What’s the best kind of fabric? Denim! Jeans are stylish, trendy, useful and versatile. But instead of wearing them, let’s deconstruct them and design something new! Be ready to look at this fashion material in a new way as we construct bean bag games, personalize coasters and apply intricate weaving patterns using this timeless textile.


Game Mechanics

Experience the physical science concepts of mass, velocity, acceleration, friction and Newtonian forces as we study motion and what affects it. Use those scientific concepts and your imagination to design and create arcade games from basic cardboard boxes. Can you build a Whack-a-Mole? Are you ready to watch your friends compete in a skee-ball game you created? No quarters will be needed for this arcade, just your creativity and design skills!


Get Growing

Calling all ecologists and conservationists! Learn how to care for the earth by putting your green thumbs to work! Grow plants and herbs that can be used for everything from beautifying a space at our campus to adding flavor to our favorite drinks. Learn how to cultivate and care for plants, as well as the significant ways they have been used to promote healing for generations. Allergy Warning: This course involves direct exposure to live plants and potential exposure to insects.


Give My Regards to Broadway

The curtain is going up…on three weeks filled with dancing, singing, acting and all the excitement and magic of musical theater! Do you dream of standing in the spotlight, of seeing yourself on stage? Can you hear the applause of the audience as they celebrate you? Imagine sharing your dreams with other Scholars just like you who love theater! Get ready for lots of fast-paced and exciting rehearsals in preparation for our Closing Celebration when the auditorium will be packed with family and friends. You’ll take the stage in a musical production where everyone performs, because everyone is cast in the show. It’s one of the Closing Celebration’s highlights each year, and you make it possible! So, turn on those smiles and let’s light up the stage!


Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Pokémon cards can be found in the hands of people all over the country. While many enjoy the game, few have stopped to think about the math at work behind it! We will learn how to apply math probability techniques to tip the odds in our favor. Come build the strongest hand (and mind) and defeat your opponents! What are you waiting for? We “Gotta Catch ‘Em All!”


Hello, Hogwarts

All aboard the Hogwarts Express! From the moment you arrive, you will cease to be a Muggle and take on the role of a Scholar at the Hogwarts School in the wizarding world of Harry Potter! Try your hand at making your own house crest and magic wand. Learn spells and herbal potions and how to care for a magical creature. You can wear your Hogwarts robes or choose to dress in the Muggle manner. The sorting hat has spoken! You belong in this course!


If You Build it

Can you design a chair that will improve learning? What about an airplane seat that will allow for a more comfortable flight or a bookshelf that’s functional, yet fun? Use upcycled materials to design and construct full-size furniture that meets all your needs. Be ready to measure, cut and craft your designs to bring them to scale. From small ideas we’ll produce some grand furniture!


Into the Fold

Rabbit ear, reverse, squash. What in the world is going on? Paper folding of course! Learn variations of folds and rolls that can help you create origami animals, pinwheels, and other works of art—no tape or glue required. Fall into the fold with us this summer!


Into the Unknown

What would happen if you were stranded in the wilderness? Would you be able to thrive on your own? Let’s get outside and learn what it takes to conquer the great outdoors. We’ll learn about trail safety and food sources (including bugs!) and apply our newly-acquired knowledge to different survival scenarios. You’ll learn to be prepared for anything as we venture into the unknown.


It Actually is Rocket Science

Rockets flying, gravity defying; this is a course you will not be denying! Blast off into learning the physics of building your own rocket and then launch it to see just how far it can go! This may not be NASA, but there is no doubt that we will master different ways to overpower the gravitational force. Exploration awaits!


It’s a Trap!

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Tom & Jerry or The Road Runner, you know the power of a well-placed trap! From the traps animals use to secure their prey to those used in the popular game Mouse Trap, we’ll explore the science at work. Use pulleys, angles and levers to construct traps of your own design.


Jurassic Journey

Attention all future paleontologists! Keep your eyes peeled and stay alert on this journey through the Jurassic era. Come along with us as we explore the world as it once was, including all of the unique creatures that once inhabited it. Excavate, identify and catalogue dinosaur bones, and then create replicas of these unique creatures using your findings!



Bubble, Bubble, Pop, Pop, Fizz, Fizz…KaBoom! Come explore the exciting world of chemistry! In this course, explore concepts such as surface tension, inertia, and polymers – all by performing hands-on experiments. The KaBoom lab awaits you!


Kitchen Chemistry

Grab your lab coat and goggles and gear up for some Kitchen Chemistry! We’ll conduct science experiments with food and other ingredients found in your home and use scientific principles such as mass, density, and phases of matter to create chemical reactions and tasty treats! It’s time to venture out of the lab and bring science into the kitchen!


LEGO Robotics

Enter the world of robotics engineering! Using LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 kits, your team will build and program robots to use multiple sensors and successfully accomplish challenges. Want to make your robot follow a shape drawn out in tape on the floor? Maybe have it throw a ball? Or perhaps your robot will be voice activated? Come to LEGO Robotics and learn how to do all of that and more!



3, 2, 1, Action! Come gain experience with broadcast journalism as we create our own news show, covering the exciting events that take place each week at DECATS. Script out your broadcast, record and edit your segment using iPads, and transport your fellow scholars straight to the action using green screen technology. Whether you shine in front of the camera or enjoy the fast-paced decision making that takes place behind the scenes, there’s a place for you when we go live!


Making the Band

Unleash your inner rock star! In this course, you’ll experience a range of music styles, from Afro-Cuban to Hip-Hop, Blues to Bollywood, learning how to make the basic beats of each style. Once you find out what gets you moving and grooving, you’ll form a band with like-minded musicians and create the next chart-topper using your own rhythms and lyrics. Let’s ROCK!



Scholars, get ready to create your own museum! Which artist will you choose to emulate? Learn about and be inspired by famous artists, such as Van Gogh, Monet, Pollock and Matisse. We will draw with scissors like Matisse, action paint like Pollock and much more. Join us and unleash your inner artist this summer!


Masterpiece Makeover

What do you get when you combine hot glue, recyclables and paint? A masterpiece! That’s right! In this course of revamping the classics, we’ll used recycled materials to re-imagine famous works of art! Can you envision Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” redone in bottle caps? Or da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” made out of candy wrappers? Let’s turn that trash into treasure this summer in Masterpiece Makeover!


Masters of Design

Everyone wants a space they can call their own. Join us and become the designer of your own unique space. We will learn skills like color coordination, designing and placement of functional furniture and develop an eye for aesthetics that will help us complete each week’s design challenge. There’s “room” for all of your creative ideas!



Come perform mystifying, mathematical feats that might seem impossible at first glance. Create curves using only straight lines and multiply using pebbles and holes in the ground. Do you believe you can cut a hole in an 8½ by 11 piece of paper large enough to walk through? Discover how to dazzle others with Mathemagic!


May the Face Be With You

How do movie producers and artists make injuries look so real or age an actor or actress before our eyes? Master the skills to transform your face with the magic of stage make-up. Watch yourself grow old, morph into an animal and create realistic special effects injuries. Color, shading and contouring are key to becoming an expert make-up artist.


Mission to Mars

Begin your exciting journey to the Red Planet! Come explore how past and present missions to Mars are paving the way for future explorations. Research amazing facts about the Martian atmosphere, terrain and harsh environment and use your knowledge to create your own space mission. Design and build a Mars Rover and let it take you where you need to go. What will you explore on your Mission to Mars?


Mix it Up

See where your creativity will take you in this art course that’s all about exploration! Use mixed-media to create artwork that takes shape and dimension to the next level. Learn about the elements and principles of art through hands-on projects, such as watercolor and collage “soulfies” and oil and chalk pastel portraits. Experimentation and self-expression are at the core of each project. You’ll discover there are no limits when you learn to mix it up!


On the Spot

A dolphin princess? Kung Fu basketball? There is nothing too wacky or zany for an improv course where everything is made up on the spot! Come share in the excitement of what happens when characters, dialogue and plot are made up on the spot. Enhance and improve your acting skills as you experience the energy and anticipation that comes with improvisation.


Portrait Mode

Grab your paintbrushes and your artist’s lens and get ready to switch over to portrait mode! Immerse yourself into works created by history’s most established artists. What makes the Mona Lisa so captivating? What helps Degas’s Dancers leap to life? Explore history’s greatest works of art or find your muse in present day personalities to paint portraits that illustrate, inspire, and intrigue.


Project Runway Recycled

Reduce, reuse, restyle! Transform ordinary materials into extraordinary styles as you use every day consumables to create runway-worthy, no-sew designs you can actually wear. Work collaboratively with members of your group to design the top look in each week’s fashion challenge. See you on the catwalk!


Rock Band

Are you ready to rock? We need you to complete the band! After we explore various instruments, we’ll collaborate and create our own music to help the crowd rock out! Whether you are just starting out as a performer or consider yourself a master musician, there’s a place for you in the rock band.


Rube Goldberg Made Me Do It

Why do a simple task when you can build a machine to do it for you? Like the Rube Goldberg machines that are fascinating to watch, we will start with the basics and end with zany and artistic engineering experiments. Chain reactions will abound as we discover and employ the laws of science. If you love designing, creating, building and tinkering with items, this course will have a domino effect on your future as an inventor!


See it in 3D

Enter the world of three-dimensional art! Through molding, constructing, and sculpting, we will create one of a kind pieces of artwork. To create our sculptures, we’ll use conventional materials like clay, but we’ll also mix it up with some different things we find along the way, such as sand and tape. Sculptures aren’t bound to rules: creations of all shapes sizes, textures, and forms are welcome!


Short Circuit

Electronic circuits run the world! From the doorbell to the computer, they are at the center of any modern electronic device. Let’s discover this exciting world by learning the basic principles and laws of electronics and by building electronic circuits. Work with real components like resistors, diodes, transistors, LEDs and speakers. Build a working burglar alarm, audio generator, wake-up alarm and other devices. Use special software to plan and test your devices.


Skits & Spoofs

Laughter will ring out as we create spoofs of our favorite TV shows, produce music video parodies, perform hilarious skits, and much more! Create, share and laugh your way through performances. Come showcase your talents with a humorous twist!


Slime Time

Get ready for a summer of sticky goodness and slimy satisfaction! In this course, if we’re making a mess, then we know that we’re on the right track. We’ll make several different kinds of slime and use the scientific process to document our findings as we work to create slime of the perfect consistency. It’s always the right time for Slime Time!


Star Wars Zoology

May the force be with you as you study the behaviors, habitats, and anatomies of creatures from “a galaxy far, far away.” From the lush forest moon of Endor to the sands of Tatooine, we will examine and classify Ewoks, Wookies, Jawas, and so much more! Make sure to grab your data log and prepare for a voyage comparable to Darwin’s expedition to the Galapagos Islands!


Strokes of Genius

Love the look of your lettering! Learn how to turn ordinary handwriting into a work of art by using a variety of techniques such as brush lettering and calligraphy. Put your new skills to use in writings that are all your own as we make our own quill pens, inks, and fonts. Produce beautiful writing in both content and design!



Put your survival skills to the test and head out into the wild! We’ll study animal adaptations to figure out how they manage to survive in some of the harshest environments and see what works for us. Use what you learn to build a shelter that can withstand whatever Mother Nature has in store. Work with your team to employ survival skills and techniques that allow you to outlast the elements.


The Butler Did it!

Who doesn’t like a mystery? Just think of the intrigue, the suspense and the surprise ending (or endings)! Prepare to write a play fit for mystery theater with all the suspense you can muster! Play the part of the villain or the detective—you decide! When it’s show time, will the audience correctly identify the culprit or fall for the red herring?


The Creature Chronicles

Goblins and elves and fawns, oh my! Middle Earth and Narnia await you! Channel your creativity to add new creatures to one of these imaginary lands. Each creature you create will come to life through the art of peg doll design. Using stop-motion animation, we will chronicle the adventures of your creation for all to enjoy. Let your imagination run wild as you play the part of creative genius, author and director.


Through a Different Lens

Experience the world of digital photography through a different lens! By encountering a different theme each day, learn and practice different styles of photography, ranging from landscape to bird’s eye and worm’s eye view. Experience what it’s like to edit your photographs to enhance the beauty that you have captured in your photos. Show off your amazing still shots to others in the DECATS Gallery.


Uncommon Threads

You won’t believe what we can thread together when we combine the ordinary and the uncommon! From kumihomo, an ancient braiding technique used by the Samurai, to the more modern-day style of macramé, we’ll create drawstring pouches that tuck away your playing cards and sleeves to personalize your water bottles.


Video Games: History in the Making

When Atari released the very first video game, Pong, in 1972, no one could have predicted that video games would evolve into a billion-dollar industry. Let’s take a look at how it all happened as we walk through the history of video games. We’ll start by playing video games of the past and taking a look at what captivated the masses. Finally, we’ll get our creative juices flowing as we design mock games of the future.


Watercolor World

Art and science come together to create brilliant works of art! There’s much more to watercolor than meets the eye. Learn several tips and techniques unique to this medium, including how to paint secret images that won’t be revealed until you’re ready. Experiment with intensity and wash to create a frame-worthy masterpiece!



Is the World Wide Web ready for your webpage? Have an interest in being a web designer? If so, this course is for you! You will learn how to program and become a webmaster. Come and take this webpage journey from beginning to end, going from a blank page to a web page!


What Would You Do?

Welcome to “What Would You Do?”- a game show centered around science! Step into the world of psychology as you work together in teams to design and carry out experiments in human behavior. Let’s see what we can learn about our peers when they are faced with moments of choice and decision. What age group is more likely to help a friend in need? Will everyone come sit in a silent circle during recess if they see several of their fellow Scholars doing so? Record your experiments to show to the studio audience. Can they predict what might happen next? Or will the test subject surprise us all?


Zentangle Untangled

Come test, experiment, and invent a new way to draw! Learn to craft step-by-step, line-by-line patterns that turn into brilliant illusions with the zentangle method. Prepare to see patterns everywhere and translate them into zentangles on surfaces ranging from paper and clothing to small furniture all your own!



Do you enjoy drawing but wish you could improve your artistic talents? Wish you could draw fabulous pictures but find yourself having to trace them to get the look you want? Learn how to draw smaller objects on a larger scale with a technique that will allow you to unleash your inner artist. Embrace a simple technique that will allow you to enlarge any picture to the size you want and still have it look like the original. Join us and amaze your family and friends.