May 2021 Update: Activities in these courses have been reviewed and adjusted to adapt activities that normally require close proximity and / or contact with others, like handshaking.

Manners to Morals levels are traditionally assigned by grade level of the participant. We will continue with this practice, which means the following assignments will occur this year:

  • Third Grade: Manners (there are no third graders in attendance)
  • Fourth Grade: Executive Functioning
  • Fifth Grade: Wellness
  • Sixth Grade: Values & Morals
  • Seventh Grade: Values & Morals

Perspectives levels are traditionally assigned based upon the number of years of participant attendance. We will continue with this practice:

  • First-Year Scholars: Perspectives 1
  • Second-Year Scholars: Perspectives 2
  • Third-Year Scholars: Perspectives 3
  • Fourth-Year Scholars: Perspectives 4