Can first-time families be excused from Orientation, make it up another time or go to Orientation at another campus?

2020-08-10T17:50:53-05:00August 10, 2020|

No, the requirement for first-time families (including at least one parent / guardian) is required in order to attend DECATS. Orientation is offered once at each campus location, and you must attend at your assigned campus since the faculty, facility, courses and course schedule are different at each site. Orientation includes essential information about the structure and purpose of the program, including an opportunity for Scholars and parents to get to know the people and campus prior to our first day. Significant experience and feedback has proven that hearing this information second-hand is not sufficient to prepare first-time Scholars and [...]

Are Scholars required to attend the entire program?

2020-08-10T17:44:41-05:00August 10, 2020|

Yes, and we require that full commitment up front with your application. We take our invitation and your desire to attend DECATS seriously. From our mentors, who commit several months to building curriculum, to you, the participants, who commit a month of your summer to come to DECATS, one of the defining strengths of our community is an intense dedication so that the program will be as educationally enriching, engaging, fun and successful as possible for all involved. To gain the most benefit from the program, and because there is likewise very high demand to be admitted, nominees may only [...]

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