Unique, Like You.

Broaden your understanding of yourself and others. Make new friends. Develop your own style, with confidence. Learn new skills. Be challenged in a way you’ve never been challenged before.

How would we describe ourselves? Entertaining, engaging, creative, challenging, collaborative, learner-centered and unique — all together, DECATS-ian. Take a six-minute glimpse into the best three weeks of your summer!

Daily Schedule
Am I Eligible?

Eligibility Criteria

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95th Percentile Score

95th Percentile Score

Participants must have a ranking in the 95th percentile or above on any nationally standardized achievement test, creativity test or reasoning test – in a specific area, in multiple areas or as an average score overall.

3rd - 6th Grade

3rd - 6th Grade

Participants must currently be completing third, fourth, fifth or sixth grade to be admitted.

Principal Nomination

Principal Nomination

Students meeting the age and test score criteria are certified of their eligibility via a nomination from their school’s principal.

How Am I Nominated?

Nomination Process

How Do I Sign-Up?

Enrollment Steps

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Cost of Attendance

2021 Tuition Fast Facts

We never want finances to prevent someone from coming to DECATS. The affordable cost of an innovative program like DECATS is made possible by a leading grant from DeBusk Foundation, and need-based tuition assistance is available for families that qualify.

Applications may be submitted via your myStatus portal after submitting an application for admission to the program. Applications for tuition assistance must be made each year; there is no automatic renewal or guarantee that the same award will be made in consecutive years.

Dr. Sue Bryant Francis Scholarship

In 2015, DeBusk Foundation announced a new scholarship program named in honor of Dr. Sue Francis, who for many years served on the foundation’s board of directors. Dr. Francis was active with the foundation from 1989 until 2013, and upon her retirement from an impressive career serving in education as a school teacher, administrator and public speaker, the foundation chose to honor her tireless service and tremendous contribution with a scholarship program for participants in DECATS programs. This scholarship is above and beyond DeBusk Foundation’s grant that provides the leading operational funding for our program.

There is no special application process: all need-based tuition assistance applicants are automatically considered.

  • A $100 non-refundable deposit is due upon sign-up to reserve your space in the program.

  • Applicants are notified of admission and tuition assistance awards in February. Admitted applicants must pay full tuition and fees by April 30. Admits who receive tuition assistance are responsible for the balance remaining after the award by April 30.

  • Admitted Scholars who do not settle full tuition and fees by April 30 will forfeit their space beginning May 1.

  • Extended day and merchandise fees are non-refundable. Supervision is hired and merchandise ordered based on data indicated in your registration.

  • Withdrawals through April 30: full refund, less the original application deposit
    Withdrawals after April 30: no refund


“Thank you so much for teaching us manners. My manners have improved so much, I feel like James Bond.”
Sebastian, First-Year Scholar
“This is the best program ever! The mentors are very supportive. The courses are fantastic. This program teaches Scholars about themselves, to respect others and most importantly to always keep God in your life.”
Lisa Rojas, Parent
“Loved this program and pray and hope God will bless me in the opportunity to attend again next Summer. Fingers crossed ... can not wait. Was so sad when it was over.”
Abigail, Scholar
“Best summer program for gifted kids in Houston! Our sons have been attending for the last six years. Our oldest son has enjoyed it so much that he has returned for the last two years as a Graduate Assistant, and our youngest son plans on returning as a GA as well. DECATS provides a healthy and fun learning environment for kids.”
Maria Ragazzo, Parent
“This is my first year at DECATS and it was really fun and it was great having my friends by my side. I really loved the music and it got a lot of my energy out and I was able to focus in my courses. I LOVE DECATS!”
Jacob, First-Year Scholar
“My child loves going to DECATS and yours will too! The opportunity to select enrichment classes that build their self-confidence, critical thinking and executive functioning skills is invaluable. It’ll be the easiest decision and best investment you make for your child’s summer time!”
Lorena Zertuche, Parent
“I loved everything about DECATS! I wish DECATS could be every single day!”
Peyton, Scholar
“DECATS has been a great experience for my daughter. She loves the courses offered, all the beautiful songs and making new friends.”
Sonia Fuentes, Parent
“I like all the kids from different schools, and I made new friends.”
Camryn, Scholar
“The courses offered are simply amazing. The variety was spectacular and the mentors were stupendous. Sometimes being a gifted child can have its challenges. They can be misunderstood or awkward and at DECATS that is never the case. They are surrounded my love, fun and knowledge. They learn while they may be better at things that they are not in fact better than others. They learn responsibility and grow so much in such a short period of time. I have never seen my daughter as excited as she was every day at pick-up. She met so many new friends and is already looking forward to next year - as am I!”
Laura Battle, Parent