DECATS 2024 attendees should contact their campus directly to report absences or other pertinent information during the program.

Celebrating Academic Achievement & Excellence
Since 1994

DECATS offers a unique opportunity for high-ability students to participate in an intensive three-week adventure of challenging and enriching coursework, nurturing the whole learner and fostering the leaders of tomorrow.


Broaden your understanding of yourself and others. Make new friends. Develop your own style, with confidence. Learn new skills. Be challenged in a way you’ve never been challenged before.

All this in just three weeks? Absolutely. Watch our introductory video to get to know what we’re all about in just six minutes.


We are on a mission to provide a qualitatively differentiated learning experience in the realm of education, boldly devoted to excellence in mentoring, learning and developing young leaders to use their gifts for the betterment of the world around them. Here’s what’s different at DECATS.

  • We’re Mentors.  Our role as guide emphasizes ongoing formation and relationship, rather than conveying information or knowledge.

  • You’re a Scholar.  This conveys more competence and greater ownership of learning.

  • Together, we can make a difference.  We instill in young Scholars the ambition to make the most of their God-given talents and the commitment to make a difference in our world, embracing our core philosophy that “better at” does not mean “better than.”

Equipping Scholars with the skills and awareness integral to their successes as gifted young persons has been our life’s work since 1994. Join us for three weeks that are sure to have lifetime impact!


We are committed to a program centered in Jesus Christ. We follow Christ’s word and example in our love of one another.

We encourage Scholars to embrace a spirit of gratitude for their God-given talents and using their gifts to serve others. Our motto is, “Better at does not mean better than.”

We hold high expectations for our Scholars and Mentors, challenging them with rigorous training and high expectations.

We firmly believe in building, supporting and fostering personal responsibility. Scholars take ownership of their own learning and development, encouraged to see failure and experience natural consequences to one’s choices as an integral part of their development and learning.

We are committed to mentoring the whole person. In addition to our strong emphasis on academics, we promote spiritual, relational and emotional development. Our curriculum includes an impressive variety of course offerings across the spectrum of disciplines, including core curricula addressing giftedness.

Dates & Deadlines

DECATS 2027 (Planned Dates)

June 14, 2027 - July 1, 2027



“Thank you so much for teaching us manners. My manners have improved so much, I feel like James Bond.”

Sebastian, First-Year Scholar
“This is the best program ever! The mentors are very supportive. The courses are fantastic. This program teaches Scholars about themselves, to respect others and most importantly to always keep God in your life.”

Lisa Rojas, Parent
“Loved this program and pray and hope God will bless me in the opportunity to attend again next Summer. Fingers crossed … can not wait. Was so sad when it was over.”

Abigail, Scholar
“Best summer program for gifted kids in Houston! Our sons have been attending for the last six years. Our oldest son has enjoyed it so much that he has returned for the last two years as a Graduate Assistant, and our youngest son plans on returning as a GA as well. DECATS provides a healthy and fun learning environment for kids.”

Maria Ragazzo, Parent
“This is my first year at DECATS and it was really fun and it was great having my friends by my side. I really loved the music and it got a lot of my energy out and I was able to focus in my courses. I LOVE DECATS!”

Jacob, First-Year Scholar
“My child loves going to DECATS and yours will too! The opportunity to select enrichment classes that build their self-confidence, critical thinking and executive functioning skills is invaluable. It’ll be the easiest decision and best investment you make for your child’s summer time!”

Lorena Zertuche, Parent

“I loved everything about DECATS! I wish DECATS could be every single day!”

Peyton, Scholar

“DECATS has been a great experience for my daughter. She loves the courses offered, all the beautiful songs and making new friends.”

Sonia Fuentes, Parent

“I like all the kids from different schools, and I made new friends.”

Camryn, Scholar
“The courses offered are simply amazing. The variety was spectacular and the mentors were stupendous. Sometimes being a gifted child can have its challenges. They can be misunderstood or awkward and at DECATS that is never the case. They are surrounded my love, fun and knowledge. They learn while they may be better at things that they are not in fact better than others. They learn responsibility and grow so much in such a short period of time. I have never seen my daughter as excited as she was every day at pick-up. She met so many new friends and is already looking forward to next year – as am I!”

Laura Battle, Parent