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Scholars select three elective enrichment courses to pursue during the three-week session. We encourage parents and Scholars to choose courses carefully to plan for a balanced curriculum and sometimes to make choices for courses that address skills that they might not necessarily prefer but that they recognize is an area of weakness in which the Scholar needs to improve.

This type of enrichment program, to be effective, addresses the need for a qualitatively differentiated education program for the academically gifted child. This program provides specific guildelines for enrichment of all aspects of the curriculum: content, process, product and learning environment.

During course selection, Scholars preview a medly of course offerings and rank them in order of preference. DECATS works with thise choices to give Scholars as many of their highest choices as possible. Though it is not always possible to place Scholars in all of their first choices, it is rare that we we have to go to third choice and beyond. The great news is that all of the courses are fun, interesting and challenging.

Scholars receive their course schedule at New Scholar-Parent Orientation held the weekend before DECATS begins (or the first day of the program for returning Scholars who elect not to attend orientation). Course schedules are not available before then and are not released via email or to any party other than immediate family.

First Period: Manners to Morals

Scholars do not choose their first period course, as it is determined by grade level.

All Scholars attend Manners to Morals during first period, an intense exploration of the joys and the responsibilities of being a gifted leader.

There is a different curriculum for each year that Scholars return to DECATS. Topics in this course include etiquette, character development, values formation, personal sacrifice, deferred gratification, servant leadership and leadership ethics. Third graders take Manners, fourth graders take Executive Functioning, fifth graders take Wellness and sixth graders take Values & Morals.

Second Period: Perspectives

Scholars do not make a selection for second period, as it is determined by their years at DECATS. All first-year Scholars take Perspectives 1, second-year Scholars take Perspectives 2, third-year Scholars take Perspectives 3 and fourth-year Scholars serve as peer mentors for the program in Perspectives 4.

The Perspectives courses provide a forum for reflection, support and direction for gifted Scholars. Topics include the privileges as well as the responsibilities of the gifted, with special emphasis on leadership, peer relationships and faith development. We will also explore stereotypes of the gifted, dispelling myths and celebrating uniqueness. The primary goal of these courses is to instill in Scholars a sense of service to others in a spirit of gratitude, learning that "better at" does not mean "better than."

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